[PRESS RELEASE Delaware, USA, 15th September 2022]

A new strategic partnership is on the horizon as Web3 Gaming Organization, Ready Player DAO, continues to expand its global reach and esports & media strategies. In a landmark deal, Brandon Martyn, better known as MYSTIC7 the largest Pokémon GO Creator in the world, has joined Ready Player DAO. This partnership brings a revered content creator known for his captivating content into Ready Player DAO’s Web3 Gaming ecosystem for the first time.

MYSTIC7 & Ready Player DAO have broad and comprehensive plans to help drive global adoption of Web3 Gaming. One of the DAO’s primary objectives is pioneering a new form of content creation. By bringing MYSTIC7 into the fold, RPD is poised to be the market leader in developing and nurturing global communities.

Demystifying Web3 Gaming & Driving Adoption

MYSTIC7 hopes to offer a fresh perspective that helps crypto skeptics transition into Web3 and assist current Web3 users by utilizing gaming to its full potential.

“I’m beyond hyped to partner up with Ready Player DAO to help push limits and shine a light on a revolutionary chapter of gaming! The current discourse around Web3 and Blockchain gaming has forced a ton of super creative people, publishers, developers, and so on into a tiny corner of the gaming industry. There needs to be a shift in thinking, a new perspective that allows us to take advantage of new technology rather than shun it.”

MYSTIC7 went on to praise Ready Player DAO saying, “If you have a question, someone in the DAO has the answer. Everyone’s so willing to share what they’ve picked up along their individual journeys. It’s unreal, limitless knowledge, creativity, and camaraderie – and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.”

Future plans include creating educational content around the Web3 gaming ecosystem, running tournaments, and creating a program to help the next generation of Web3 gaming content creators.

About Ready Player DAO

Ready Player DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that focuses on an all-inclusive environment for gamers. Its goal is to “even the playing field” between gaming studios and gamers by helping drive the global adoption of Web3 Gaming.

The DAO brings together a gaming guild, scholar programs, and an experienced team of investors including The Chernin Group, Koji Capita, Sterling VC, 1kx, Hashed, and ConsenSys Mesh with the ultimate goal of supporting growth within the Web3 space.

The gaming organization focuses on working with game publishers that include the involvement of global marketplaces for gaming assets. The global marketplaces are elevated by digital ownership of in-game assets and sometimes in-game resources as well. Ready Player DAO hopes to continue growing its Web3 community through strategic partnerships and involvement within eSports. And has other exciting partnerships in the works.

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