With prices down significantly since the start of the year, there’s no better time to stock up on the top 5 new cryptos to invest in.

In order to make the selection process easier, we’ll be taking a look at the top 5 new cryptos to invest in and providing an overview on how to buy our top pick. Let’s begin.

Best New Cryptos to Buy in the Crypto Bear Market – Top List

For investors asking what are the top cryptos to invest in, each of the projects that we’ll be taking a look at is new and has a massive amount of upside potential, making it a great up-and-coming crypto to invest in.

Tamadoge – Overall Best New Cryptocurrency
Battle Infinity – Exciting All-in-One Gaming Ecosystem
Lucky Block – The Number One NFT Competitions Platform
Flow – Developer-Friendly Blockchain
Floki Inu – Exciting New Meme Coin

A Closer Look at the 10 Best New Cryptocurrency to Invest in and Watch Right Now

Below, we’ve reviewed the top 5 new cryptos to invest in. Each of these top 5 new cryptocurrencies has strong fundamentals and massive upside potential.

Tamadoge – Overall Best New Cryptocurrency

Tamadoge (TAMA) is a brand new meme coin aiming to bring utility to a sector largely devoid of real use cases. Tamadoge, the best new crypto to buy, will merge the meme coin Metaverse, NFT, and play-to-earn gaming sectors in order to create a utility-packed ecosystem that has the potential to dethrone Dogecoin and Shiba Inu in order to become the number one meme coin on the market.

Already KYC-verified by CoinSniper and audited by Solid Proof, Tamadoge has a strong foundation on which to build. Aiming to appeal to both casual and more serious gamers, Tamadoge’s gameplay is both intuitive and highly engaging. The project will feature a beautifully crafted Metaverse world in which players can raise, breed, and battle 3D-animated Tamadoge pets.

Providing the player takes good care of their pet, it will grow over time with the user earning a leaderboard ranking for their efforts. This ranking can be boosted further by giving the pet toys, food, and cosmetic items. The higher a player ranks, the larger the percentage of the rewards pool they are entitled to.

In contrast to meme coins like Dogecoin, which uses an inflationary model (original supply was 100 billion, now 133 billion), Tamadoge will keep prices high by implementing a 5% burn rate on purchases from the Tamadoge store. Combine this with a confirmed listing on the centralized exchange LBANK and it’s clear that the $TAMA token could go parabolic once the beta and final presales are completed (2nd September & Q4). Check out the Tamadoge Telegram group for more.

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Battle Infinity – Exciting All-in-One Gaming Ecosystem

Anyone searching for a brand new crypto to invest in needs to check out Battle Infinity (IBAT), a wildly exciting project creating an all-in-one P2E gaming ecosystem. The reason for Battle Infinity being one of the 5 top cryptocurrencies is its focus on blending some of the fastest growing sectors within crypto (the Metaverse, P2E gaming).

Investors are clearly loving Battle Infinity. The project went into presale on July 11th and almost 50% of the presale tokens have already been snagged up (equating to over 7000 BNB). With almost half of the supply snagged before it’s even a month into presale, the chances are that it will sell out well before the October 10th deadline. As a result, there’s no better time to participate in the Battle Infinity presale.

In order to make the Battle Infinity ecosystem intuitive and easy to navigate, the project is broken into six platforms. The IBAT Premier League (a fantasy sports league), IBAT Battle Swap (decentralized exchange), IBAT Battle Games (a collection of P2E games), IBAT battle Market (NFT marketplace), IBAT Battle Arena (a Metaverse world), and IBAT Battle Stake (a staking platform).

All in all, there’s a reason why Battle Infinity is one of the top 5 cryptos to invest in 2022. The project has a massive amount of potential and will likely shoot up in value following the end of the presale. Therefore, it’s worth keeping up with the latest developments using the Battle Infinity Telegram group and checking out the project using the link below.

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Lucky Block – The Number One NFT Competitions Platform

Next on our list of the top 5 crypto to invest in 2022 is Lucky Block (LBLOCK), a project set to become the number one NFT competitions platform on the planet by using the blockchain to create a fair drawing system with efficient rewards distribution.

On the Lucky Block platform, users will be able to enter competitions with various rewards by purchasing an NFT from NFT Launchpad. Each competition has different rewards (including luxury vehicles, watches, and crypto) with the NFT linked to the competition being priced in accordance with the size of the prize pool.

In late July, Lucky Block enjoyed a 400% price increase ($0.001 to $0.004) and still shows no signs of slowing. With a CEX listing on MEXC taking place on August 1st, demand for LBLOCK is set to skyrocket, cementing its place in our list of the top 5 new cryptos to invest in. The project is available on LBANK, the top platform for investors wondering where to find new crypto coins.

Lucky Block was one of the fastest cryptos to reach a $1 billion fully diluted market cap and with a host of CEX listings on the horizon, it seems as though the project is set to soar in the near future.

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Flow – Developer-Friendly Blockchain

Investors eager to find out what are good cryptos to invest in should check out Flow (FLOW). With the aims to create a developer-friendly blockchain that can facilitate the next generation of dApps and NFTs, Flow could become a very important part of the crypto market.

Taking the 4th spot in our list of the 5 top cryptocurrency projects, Flow has massive potential. Already, the network has been implemented by platforms like OpenSea and used by a number of high-profile projects.

Flow has shown large amounts of strength during the crypto winter and with the market showing signs of recovery, it’s one of the top 5 new cryptos to invest in.

Floki Inu – Exciting New Meme Coin

Floki is an exciting meme coin and one of the top 5 new cryptos to invest in. The project is named after Elon Musk’s dog Floki and features artwork reminiscent of Dogecoin.

The Floki team is currently working on a P2E gaming Metaverse dubbed ‘Valhalla’ and ultimately plans to create a community-driven decentralized autonomous organization so investors can vote on the future development of the project.

Anyone asking the question ‘what are the top 5 cryptocurrencies to invest in’ might be surprised to see another meme coin cropping up. However, while it doesn’t offer as much promise as Tamadoge, Floki has earned its status as one of the top 5 new cryptos to invest in.

How to Buy Tamadoge (TAMA)

Below we’ve detailed the process of how to invest in new crypto coins, including a full-length guide on how to buy Tamadoge.

Step 1 – Register with an Exchange

As ETH is needed to buy TAMA, the first thing an investor might be wondering is where to invest in crypto right now. We recommend registering with a regulated exchange like eToro.

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection

Step 2 – Deposit & Buy ETH

Once an account has been created, the investor can click on ‘Deposit Funds’, and decide how much to invest (1 TAMA = $0.01). Then, search for ‘ETH’, press ‘Open Trade’, and decide how much Ether to purchase.

Step 3 – Create MetaMask & Send ETH

A MetaMask wallet is needed to buy TAMA. Download either the browser extension or mobile app and set the wallet to the Ethereum network. Then, withdraw ETH from eToro to MetaMask.

Step 4 – Connect Wallet & Buy IBAT

Lastly, head over to the Tamadoge presale website, click on ‘Connect Wallet’, and select MetaMask. Then, press ‘Buy Tamadoge’, decide how much to invest (1,000 TAMA minimum), and press ‘Convert ETH’. Then, once the presales have concluded the tokens will be claimable on the Tamadoge website.

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