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Ever since non-fungible tokens started taking over the world last year, the place to go for buying, selling, and overall interacting with these digital assets has been OpenSea.

Being an NFT-related project, it’s an essential step of your growth and development to launch your own collection on the leading marketplace, which is why Apex Doodles – an innovative protocol combining the world of NFT and racing together – has decided to launch its genesis digital artwork on OpenSea.

Apex Doodles NFT Collection Arrived on OpenSea

Apex Doodles is the creation of Oscar Joyce, a young artist and rising Formula driver. Wanting to build his own community while growing as a driver, OJ launched the NFT project to boost fan engagement and help fund his own career.

Despite being just 18 years old, Joyce is a seasoned driver with several years of experience on a high level.

Called the Apex Doodles Genesis Collection, it will enable the team to receive a more impressive presence in karting and test the waters in Formula 4. It comprises 256 artworks that will make OJ’s racing car livery.

The team has split the designs into named pieces, all driven by people, items, and places within the world of motorsport. It’s worth noting, though, that more than half (130) of the NFTs will have perks, including exclusive merchandise, driver-side experience, physical pieces of the kart, one-on-one driver coaching with OJ, and access to the Apex Doodles Discord.

“I’m the driver and the artist behind the project. The NFTs are connected to real-life and are much more than digital art. These NFTs represent your membership in the Apex Doodles community and support of my racing journey. They also come with exclusive experiences and perks, such as driver coaching.” – OJ commented.

As Apex Doodles grows and OJ rises in the racing ranks, the team plans to bring on more drivers. The ultimate vision is to revolutionize how athletes fund their careers, engage with fans and build community.

About Apex Doodles

Apex Doodles is an NFT project that allows fans to follow Oscar Joyce through his karting journey and onto Formula 4. An up-and-coming racer, Oscar Joyce combines two of his passions through the Apex Doodles NFT project: Art and racing.

The first set of Genesis NFTs will drop in June 2022. It will feature the Nassau panel (nose cone) portion of Oscar’s kart, and the artwork will be raced through 2022 and featured digitally through the NFTs.

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