Move-to-Earn (M2E) has become a popular trend in the crypto industry. It is a model that rewards users with cryptocurrencies for engaging in health-focused activities such as walking, jogging, running, and swimming.

M2E is similar to the popular play-to-earn (P2E) model that rewards people for playing blockchain games. But unlike P2E, M2E projects tokenize and monetize physical activity through blockchain concepts such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), crypto, and the metaverse. The main idea is to encourage people to maintain healthier lifestyles.

Today, a growing list of move-to-earn projects incentivizes people to engage in physical activities. However, unlike many M2E platforms that rely on GPS tracking services, Motearn promises to deliver a next-gen experience to users through Embry Smart Insoles with one-of-a-kind, No-GPS, activity auto-detection technology and a new category of IRL/NFTs called Connected Tangible NFT (ctNFT).

What is Motearn

Motearn is a Gamified-Wellness ecosystem that combines NFTs and IRL Connected Smart Shoes to create the world’s most sustainable Move2Earn community.

Motearn doesn’t position itself as a game. It is a gamification layer on top of the world’s first high-precision physical activity auto-detection technology.

The platform is a product of Embry Tech, a VC (Tim Draper-backed SmartGate VC, Graph Ventures) backed wearable technology startup on a mission to encourage people to lead healthier and self-confident lives by turning health control struggles into a stress-free and fun experience.

Motearn was born as a result of 4 years, $1M dollars investment in R&D, and 1000s of trials and failures in searching for the most effective methods of incentivizing people to move more and sit less. Motearn functions as a fitness finance (FitFi) platform that rewards people for keeping fit, giving users a passive income stream for engaging in a little more than their usual exercise routine and improving their health.

To earn rewards on Motearn, users must connect any smart connected product, including smartphones, smartwatches, and Embry Smart Insoles, to ctNFT shoes when conducting physical activities of all kinds. Unlike other apps, to earn rewards on Motearn, users can do any physical activity anywhere, anytime, track with any wearable or phone and get rewards, depending on the reliability of the data source. They just need to connect their wearable to an upgradable ctNFT.

The project aims to empower people to lead healthier, happier, and self-confident lives while turning the entire health control journey into a stress-free and fun experience. With Motearn, users can perform any activity they love, track their activities with any device, and earn rewards anywhere, anytime!

Motearn IRL/NFTs

Motearn is aiming to bring new use-case to web3 and the world of NFTs. Until now, almost all wearables in the NFT world were just merch or 3D virtual wearables for metaverse. Motearn brings something new – Connected Tangible NFTs or ctNFTs. This is not a blockchain standard protocol change, this is a new wave of smart devices being part of your NFT.

Users can connect ctNFT with their wearable to give NFT more utility and power with the ecosystem. Every Motearn ctNFT owner has an opportunity to get products IRL.

What utilities does holding Motearn bring?

Free smart wearable device – Embry Smart Insoles, worth $250, guaranteed for every holder of the Genesis collection. You just need to use the app and reach level 32 by performing physical activities.
MOT is the first token, which is used to fuel up the ecosystem. You can generate MOT by performing physical activities. MOT will have liquidity pools for USDC/MOT and SOL/MOT where you’ll be able to trade. Tokenomics and utilities are to be announced.
EMET is the Embry Move2Earn Token, the main token of the ecosystem. It’s valuable because it can be acquired only via physical activity, tracked by Embry Smart Insoles. You’ll be able to swap your  EMET to MOT and freely use it inside Ecosystem, or you can hold EMET for future utilities. Tokenomics and utilities to be announced.
EMET Market is an e-commerce marketplace developed by Motearn, where users can buy digital and physical products via MOT and EMET.  Commissions of EMET Market will be distributed to a liquidity pool of MOT.

Utilities like Real-life gamified raffles and auctions, Challenges and Marathons, NFT achievements, Insurance discounts, P2P Challenges, and many more that the team is working on are yet to be announced

Motearn plans to function as a multichain M2E game, allowing users to participate across different networks. The platform started on Ethereum, the most secure and high-status blockchain, and launched on BNB Chain to test Binance NFT tools. On September 12th, Motearn will do its next drop of 3210 ctNFTs on Solana, the most active NFT community.

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