[PRESS RELEASE – Los Angeles, California, 15th September 2022]

Maincard, an upcoming Web3 platform for fantasy sports management, is releasing its Alpha version for the testnet on the 20th of September.

The testnet will run for 24 hours, with the goal to ensure that the platform is bug-free. Maincard is inviting prospective users and testers to provide feedback to the platform and help improve the game. Every tester who uses the alpha will be required to fill a quick form with the list of bugs found, and suggestions for improving the game.

After the testnet, the platform will provide $500,000 in NFTs to the testers, which can be used to play the game or sold when Maincard launches in November. The prize fund will consist of Common, Rare, and Epic Maincards ($10, $100, and $1000 accordingly). To participate in the testnet, players should visit maincard.io and go through a quick one-step registration.

Maincard is a fantasy sports platform empowering the traditional model with Web3. Thanks to the integration of NFTs and tokens, fantasy sports players have a chance to earn from the activity they love. The platform offers a chance to win NFTs and token prizes for guessing the results of major sport matches.

Users purchase Maincards as the in-game currency and try to match the most match results and performance of players during the week, resulting in cash prizes and rare NFTs that can be collected, auctioned, or used in-game to wager among themselves. Users can interact with eSports, Football, MMA and other sporting events in real-time.

“The blockchain technology is not moving anywhere with 0.5% of the population using it. We’re here to bring 3 billion of sports fans into the world of Web3” said Val Maincard, CEO and Founder of Maincard.io.

Maincard has so far reached over 10,000 users who joined a waitlist for launch. It partners with providers of sports content, professional leagues, esports brands and Top MMA promotions.

About Maincard

Maincard is a fantasy sports management platform that creates a unique Web3 user experience for fans of all popular sports. Users can view eSports, Football and MMA matches through the platform and compete for NFT and token rewards by making guesses on match outcomes and player performance.

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