For many years, centralized finance (CeFi) was the primary mode of accessing crypto services. But that changed after decentralized finance (DeFi) started gaining popularity among investors who wanted more freedom and control over their assets.

DeFi gives users access to more profitable investment opportunities, such as staking and yield farming, while providing more security, transparency, and interoperability. Despite these benefits, DeFi has its downsides, among which are complexity, cross-chain swap delays, and lack of insurance.

Interestingly, these DeFi downfalls are areas where CeFi shines. Thankfully, some crypto platforms allow investors to enjoy the best of both worlds – the high yields and transparency of DeFi and the insurance and simplicity of CeFi. A good example of such a platform is

What is is a MetaFi ecosystem that provides retail and institutional investors with a single gateway to the worlds of CeFi and DeFi. Through the platform, users can access a suite of high-yield products such as staking, yield farming, Web3.0 interest accounts, crypto insurance, and more.

The team behind is no stranger to operating in the crypto sector, be it in CeFi or DeFi. They started their journey five years ago by launching the crypto wallet and CeFi platform Crypterium in 2017. However, as DeFi began gaining traction, the team rebranded the company and expanded its services, becoming Now has a vision of helping customers earn more on crypto by combining CeFi and DeFi benefits under one roof.

Core Products of has more than 700,000 customers and is constantly developing new products in response to the growing demand. Here are the core products offered on the platform.

Charism DeFi Platform

Charism is the core building block of’s DeFi ecosystem. It is a platform that allows the company to integrate DeFi products from various blockchain networks in one place. Access to a single entry point like that gives users the opportunity to explore and earn on DeFi in a much more straightforward manner, as they don’t have to constantly jump between different networks.

With Charism, clients can swap tokens at attractive rates, bridge tokens across ten blockchain networks, analyze investment options, and access yields. The supported chains include BNB Chain, Avalanche, Ethereum, Polygon, and Arbitrum.

Users just have to connect their MetaMask wallet to Charism to access these services.

Web 3.0 Interest Accounts 

Web 3.0 Interest Accounts allow users to increase their earnings on idle crypto assets via interest accounts.

Currently, the interest accounts only support USDT, USDC, and CHO, the native token of, but this is bound to change, as the company always offers new services to meet users’ demands.

To earn with the Web 3.0 Interest Accounts, users just need to deposit any of the supported assets for 6 to 24 months. The longer the deposit period, the higher the yields, and investors can earn considerable APY.

Crypto Insurance

It’s no news that cryptocurrencies are volatile assets, and traders can either make or lose money during market fluctuations. While investors are often filled with euphoria when prices rise, many are left scratching their heads in losses when the market turns red.

To help investors hedge risks and protect their portfolios during market downturns, is developing Crypto Price Insurance.

The solution will allow investors to purchase insurance coverage for crypto assets such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) to protect against depreciation for a certain period.

CHO Tokenomics

As mentioned earlier, CHO is the native token that powers CHO has a total supply of 1 billion tokens with a deflationary model that reduces its supply through periodic burning.

The token exposes holders to various benefits, including higher staking rewards, discounts on fees, bonuses, and voting rights in the DAO.

The cryptocurrency is available for trading on several centralized and decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap, LBank, MEXC, and Raydium. CHO was also listed on on August 31.

To conclude, allows investors to earn more crypto yield by giving them access to CeFi and DeFi services on a single, easy-to-use platform. In addition, the company protects investors from price volatility by providing insurance coverage for crypto assets.

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