Crypto White Label has acquired 40% of the Poor Quack project ( with a view to an additional 15% in a few months.

In terms of the project moving forward, nothing will change.

The Poor Quack team still have the majority control of the project. Our investment gives CWL 40% voting power in team discussions and 40% ownership of the platform and its intellectual property rights.

This partnership goes beyond other partnerships, which allow us to work with projects because it gives us direct co-ownership of the platform and enables us to get involved and deploy our resources to the Poor Quack platform.

The Poor Quack team remains entirely in place and continues to work as normal as they own the majority of the project.

Crypto White Label will start deploying its assets and contacts to the Poor Quack project, which is a huge ecosystem as it is, and therefore requires additional development resources.

The first product CWL will deploy resources to is the Poor Quack mobile app for the $GEGG presale with

As a result of this acquisition, CWL will absorb all white label services from Poor Quack to allow the POOR development team to concentrate on Poor Quack.

Investors should be very excited about our entry into the Poor Quack project. We can help connect POOR to more partners and aid the significant development and work the team has already achieved with little budget and development personnel.

Welcome to the CWL family, Poor Quack!